Did my Soul Group make a decision without my knowledge or consent?

Image of large treeI have chronic suicidal depression. A local healer/dowser told me that the origin of my problem is in the life between lives. A decision was made without my knowledge, is that possible? Is is possible that my soul group made a decision without my consent?  

ANSWER:  I’ve been asking my Spirit Guide “what are the soul level reasons why?” for over 40 years  and I’ve never once been told or otherwise discovered that a decision was made in the life-between-lives space or in the pre-birth planning session without the consent of the entity or entities involved. So while it’s possible there is pre-birth planning session information to discover that is connected with your depression in this lifetime, it is very difficult for me to believe or otherwise accept that it has anything to do with decisions made without your knowledge or consent. That just feels patently wrong, in my honest opinion, and makes you into a victim rather than empowering you with the true “why” of it all and giving you a sense of how to put your best foot forward for a more satisfying and fulfilling life in the future.