Am I Too Old for a Pre-Birth Planning Reading?

Am I too old for a Pre-Birth Planning Reading?I met Robert Schwartz in Vancouver B.C. when he came to talk about his book (Your Soul’s Plan) and since then have wanted to have a Pre-Birth Reading from you. For many years, I have wondered about my present incarnation – what am I here to do in this lifetime, how best can I progress spiritually, what is my path. As I am presently 72 years of age, am I too old to have this type of reading?  I am in great health and expect to live many more years and I want them to be as meaningful as possible.

ANSWER:  I have  done the Pre-Birth Planning Reading with many clients in their 60s and 70s, all with satisfying results. The oldest was a gentleman who was 78 at the time of his reading. It is best to keep in mind that the Pre-Birth Reading highlights one or two Life Challenges, so you would need to decide which of your life’s experiences or Challenges you want to know about the most. Although the question “what is my path” is a vague one, this sort of information  usually comes to light during the reading as we focus on the Life Challenge you have selected.

The “what do I do now” sort of question common to clients in your age group is not one that can usually be answered in a specific way during the Pre-Birth Reading since there are often personal discoveries and decisions to be made that will determine the specifics of the future.  (See the question on Free Will or Destiny at the bottom of this page.)  It is also because my focus in the Pre-Birth Reading is so strongly on your past – your pre-birth planning session, your past lives, and earlier in your present life – that shifting my energies to a more specific predictive approach to the future as I would in a General Reading can tend to give me a bit of “psychic whiplash”.  The kind of response I am usually able to give is more of a general sense of the kind of experience your soul desires. This is usually enough for most clients. Sometimes the more specific information I can get from you about what options you’re considering can lead to more helpful and specific insights.