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How do I contact my Spirit Guides?

What advice do you have in making contact with my guides? After three divorces I’m having a hard time convincing my heart to look again.

ANSWER:     In my experience our spirit guides give us plenty of time to figure things out for ourselves, make our own mistakes so that we can learn from them and so forth. What I hear from my Spirit Guide is that you are learning to trust yourself and that is why your spirit guide has been less than forthcoming with you.

     Sitting very still, centering yourself, surrounding and infusing yourself with White Light are always good and practical first steps. After you have reached the quiet space inside of yourself and you remain there for a few moments to a few minutes, you might want to quietly or silently repeat the mantra “I strengthen my connection to my indwelling spirit, my Spirit Guides and the All That Is.” Do this only after you have already filled and surrounded yourself in the White Light to make sure the only spirits able to interact with you are those who love you, mean you well and are there for your highest good.

     Do this every day at the same time, usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night is best, both is better, and you will be clearing and strengthening the connection to your inner essence as well as to your spirit guides over time. The Karmic Lesson of Spiritual Growth is through learning to enrich and strengthen our relationship with our indwelling essence and then, through that connection, to the Divine. Patience is required. Don’t hold any expectation as to the amount of time it should take to have your spirit guides communicate with you and they won’t have to teach you not to have such expectations. 

     Some people have trouble quieting their minds and that’s when it can be a good time to seek a session with me or another professional intuitive or a skilled and certified spiritual hypnotherapist.

Do Spirit Guides lead us on?

© Stylephotographs | - Meditating PhotoI have been psychic since the age of 10. I have always been ‘given’ specific information for myself, such as where I will live, a chronic disease I would develop. I can see without a shadow of doubt that my life has been planned. Anything I have ever been shown actually turns up in my life.The ‘situation’ I am worrying about is one that has only partially come to pass but which has not yet come close to fulfilling all that I have been intuitively given about it. I have had contact with this person in writing and by phone (on a professional basis). I was ‘given’ the person’s name years before, I was then ‘shown’ the person, I had a ‘knowing’ this person would come into my life on a personal basis, and many out-of-the-blue visions which confirm this. My question is would my guides repeatedly give me this information if it wasn’t going to happen (even though) all I would learn from that would be to never trust them again? Do spirit guides play with us? Do they confirm a situation time and again for it not to show up in order that we learn something from it? I would still like to trust what my guides are saying – at the moment I am not sure.

ANSWER: I really don’t have an authoritative answer for you, as in “Yes you can trust your Spirit Guides” or “No, you cannot”, as I might if you were asking me this during a reading. I’m speaking to you simply as one very intuitive person to another very intuitive person. My sense of your situation is that there are ups and downs in the other person’s life that have happened and are still ongoing for a while longer (1 – 2 years perhaps?) I get the feeling it’s more about the other person’s life having upheaval and thus upsetting or changing the timeline as it originally appeared to your spirit guides to one that could not have been foreseen or predicted (perhaps the result of an unexpected free-will decision).

If we are supposed to know someone with whom we agreed in our pre-birth planning to share our life with in some truly significant way, and if you continue to work on being the best you that you can be, you will automatically be in alignment to meet up with that person at some point in the future. It’s happened twice in my life (my husband and my best friend), it’s happened in the lives of a few other people I know and it seems as though it will be happening to you too.

What happens to aborted souls and those who abort them? Is there planning?

    Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Your Souls Gift - CoverANSWER:  Let’s be clear about one thing first — a soul cannot be aborted. A fetal body can be aborted and the soul that might have selected it, or had been considering selecting it, does not die nor is it diminished in any way. The soul does not fully reside in the fetal body until shortly before it is born. It is aware of the fetal body and it goes in and out of its fetal body, occupying it for just moments and minutes at a time in the first 1-4 months, then for progressively longer periods of time as the pregnancy progresses and its body grows. The unborn baby’s soul will often be close to its mother when not inside it’s fetal body. It is common for many pregnant women to sense the spirit of their baby around them during pregnancy; some even have a a conversation with their unborn child in their dream state.  You might like to read Chapter 3 of Robert Schwartz’ “Your Soul’s Gift” because Chapter 3 is about Miscarriage and Abortion and contains many pages of information I channeled on these topics specifically. In Chapter 3 you will find a far more complete and detailed answer than room allows for here.

Did I Plan to Live in Constant Fear and Distrust of Authority?

Woman in FEARI’ve been studying the Enneagram for about a year now, and I’m wondering if it is taken into consideration in pre-birth planning.  I am a Six, which means that I learned at a very early age to distrust authority and live in constant fear.  I’ve done this all my life.  I’m just wondering if I planned it that way, and that maybe I need to work on this more than I have been.

ANSWER:  In all the hours I have spent listening in on pre-birth planning session conversations I have never heard the word Enneagram mentioned. What I have heard discussed so very many times are Karmic Lessons, which was a real confidence builder after spending many years already learning about them from my Spirit Guide. The book I am writing at this time is the book about these Karmic Lessons.

In the human form we often learn best through contrasting experiences (experiences that seem the opposite of what we want) and pain. Distrusting authority and living in constant fear could be one of the possible experiences your soul was aware of while planning your life, and for a reason. The bottom line reason is to bring your focus back to yourself to learn to become the source of your emotional health and well-being, learning what your truth is, and learning to live your life according to what is true for you. In this way you enter into a deeper and more connected relationship with your indwelling essence or spirit through the emotions and the relationship with Self.

 What concerns me however is your description of living in constant fear. This is not the highest form of experience we aspire to. This seems to indicate that you are stuck, stuck somewhere in your past experiences and never realizing that in spite of everything you bounced back and are ok, never realizing the Universe supported you even though it was rough at times. I often see this associated with one or two karmic lessons in particular (The Karmic Lesson of Emotional Independence and the Karmic Lesson of Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Confidence/Self-Expression).

My colleague Richard Sutphen says the purpose of life is to learn to let go of fear and love unconditionally – and I think he’s right. Learning to see yourself and the people in your life from a big picture perspective can be very helpful in becoming disengaged from all the shoulda-woulda-couldas/drama-chaos-crisis. The Pre-Birth Planning Reading is an excellent way to quickly gain this big picture perspective and quickly start the inner shift towards a higher perspective of yourself, your life and everyone in it.

Am I feeling this way because of December 21, 2012?

anxious manEmotionally I’m at the moment very anxious, nervous, like a lion in a cage. Does it have something to do with Dec. 21st? I was born in Stockholm on March _, 19__.

ANSWER:  I do not sense that what you are going through is particularly relevant to December 21st, although many people who are not strongly grounded and centered within themselves can be affected by the energy and feel ungrounded, moody, conflicted, and lost. What I perceive is that this is the time when your soul planned a personal transformation process, possibly brought about by a surprise or a shock in your life, and perhaps the sense that things are not turning out the way you expected. What is important now  are your daily spiritual practices to keep yourself grounded and centered, and by centered I mean emotionally centered and balanced.  I invite you to consider a General Reading with me, which would allow us the time to discuss this further. If you decide to proceed with a reading, I would like to teach you a very quick and simple 5 step meditation called “Mind Like Calm Water” to help you develop the ability to connect with your emotional balance and centeredness quickly, easily and effectively.

Am I Too Old for a Pre-Birth Planning Reading?

Am I too old for a Pre-Birth Planning Reading?I met Robert Schwartz in Vancouver B.C. when he came to talk about his book (Your Soul’s Plan) and since then have wanted to have a Pre-Birth Reading from you. For many years, I have wondered about my present incarnation – what am I here to do in this lifetime, how best can I progress spiritually, what is my path. As I am presently 72 years of age, am I too old to have this type of reading?  I am in great health and expect to live many more years and I want them to be as meaningful as possible.

ANSWER:  I have  done the Pre-Birth Planning Reading with many clients in their 60s and 70s, all with satisfying results. The oldest was a gentleman who was 78 at the time of his reading. It is best to keep in mind that the Pre-Birth Reading highlights one or two Life Challenges, so you would need to decide which of your life’s experiences or Challenges you want to know about the most. Although the question “what is my path” is a vague one, this sort of information  usually comes to light during the reading as we focus on the Life Challenge you have selected.

The “what do I do now” sort of question common to clients in your age group is not one that can usually be answered in a specific way during the Pre-Birth Reading since there are often personal discoveries and decisions to be made that will determine the specifics of the future.  (See the question on Free Will or Destiny at the bottom of this page.)  It is also because my focus in the Pre-Birth Reading is so strongly on your past – your pre-birth planning session, your past lives, and earlier in your present life – that shifting my energies to a more specific predictive approach to the future as I would in a General Reading can tend to give me a bit of “psychic whiplash”.  The kind of response I am usually able to give is more of a general sense of the kind of experience your soul desires. This is usually enough for most clients. Sometimes the more specific information I can get from you about what options you’re considering can lead to more helpful and specific insights.

Do Souls Plan How Their Parents Will Treat Them?

I recently finished reading Robert Schwartz’ book on pre-birth planning. One thing it says in the book is that souls plan/discuss things in their pre-birth planning sessions that go beyond particular challenges. Do souls plan their up-bringing, what it will be like etc? (I know we choose our parents.) I want to know this because I suffer from cronic anxiety and worry about  the way in which children are treated by their parents when growing up. I am aware that my anxiety is something that was also pre-planned and yet I wonder why I might have chosen this particular thing to worry about, along with some other things.

ANSWER:  We make soul level agreements with other souls to play the roles of father, mother and so on. Many times we do this because we know what they are working on will provide us with the kind of experience that would redirect us back to ourselves as source of emotional health, well-being and truth. The more times a soul has planned a life experience whereby it might learn something about itself and become more balanced and authentically expressed but does not accomplish the learning intended, the more likely the soul will then plan a harsh and more difficult life experience with more unhappiness and suffering in hopes that the personality would then be more strongly motivated and more likely to learn the lesson(s) inherent in the experience, thus making the breakthrough and shift in consciousness it desires.

One of the reasons we put ourselves through the Human Evolutionary Path is to learn to let go of fear and learn to love unconditionally. That you have a challenge with anxiety means there is fear that you are hanging on to and your soul is calling it to your conscious attention so you can deal with it – learn from it, dissolve it, thus bring balance to your soul.

It is wonderful to work with children and to do something for them on their behalf when they can’t yet do it for themselves. If that is what you feel called to do then by all means do it. If instead your anxiety about the treatment and well-being of children is going nowhere and you are not acting on it in any way, then it’s time to take a magnifying lens to that aspect of yourself and find out why it exists. A Pre-Birth Planning Reading would give us the opportunity to explore this together.

Could Sexual Abuse Be Planned Before Birth?

sexual abuseI experienced several episodes of sexual abuse and rape, a victim of 4 abusers until I was 18 years old.  When I came forward about it I was shunned by all that “loved” me. I am now 30 years old and I have yet to have an actual loving relationship. The only boyfriend I ever had treated me like sex was my job and so I broke up with him. Recently a 60 year old friend of my father’s approached me about having a “secret arrangement.” I turned him down, but it really makes me wonder if I am here to learn some sort of lesson about sexual abuse or if I’m here to be used/abused/taken advantage of by others, because I seem to draw those types of people to me without trying and I seem to “chase” the nice ones away. Is it really possible that something like this can be PLANNED before birth?

ANSWER: Yes, this kind of experience can certainly be one that is planned during a pre-birth planning session. A Pre-Birth Planning Reading would be very helpful in discovering why this has happened in your own life. Something I can say about it at this point is that it seems to me that at least part of the reason your soul might have planned this is to give you an experience designed to redirect you back to yourself as “Source” – source of your own emotional well-being and happiness, and possibly also to have the circumstances that would help you enrich the relationship with yourself and strengthen the connection to who you really are. Perhaps learning to love yourself unconditionally is another piece of karma you’re working with. (These are just a few of the 9 basic Karmic Lessons in the Human Evolutionary Path that my Spirit Guide has taught me about.) I am glad you are staying strong and not going for the types of relationships that are less than fully satisfying and appreciative of who you are. Keep up the good work on that.

Is Bariatric Surgery a Cheat?

Food Issues and the Karmic Lesson of Over-ImpulsivityWhen people come in with that really tough life challenge of over-indulgence and over-impulsivity and have a food addiction and have struggled with no success their whole life – is it a “cheat” or a “failure” to do a gastric bypass to eliminate the weight that causes the person health problems?  Like in my situation, I do sooooo much spiritual work, exercise, 12-step rehab program, every diet known to man and have focused-on self-growth. Does that gastric bypass interfere with the lesson?  Or is it  a “gift of unconditional compassion/love” one gives to themself as self-acceptance and love?

ANSWER:  Bariatric surgery, whether it’s by balloon, staple or one of the bypass types, is a good tool but it doesn’t do it for you. There’s no doubt it can be a life changing procedure and for some people it’s a very effective tool.  Other people will still find a way to cheat and give in to temptation, and eat more than is recommended often and long enough to effectively stretch what remains of their stomach. Others seem to drop the first 50 pounds quickly and easily but the last 50 pounds never leaves. So the truth of the matter is that while bariatric surgery can induce significant metabolic changes, you still have to do all the personal work on a physical and emotional level. All the work it takes to stick to what can be a highly restrictive diet over a long period of time, plus commitment to more and/or regular exercise. And all the work it takes at the internal level emotionally. So I don’t see bariatric surgery as a cheat any more than taking supplements like chromium, cinnamon, green tea, saffron or the prescription drug Metformin. These things can be effective tools but you are still the tool operator and it’s up to you how well you make use of the tool.

Did my Soul Group make a decision without my knowledge or consent?

Image of large treeI have chronic suicidal depression. A local healer/dowser told me that the origin of my problem is in the life between lives. A decision was made without my knowledge, is that possible? Is is possible that my soul group made a decision without my consent?  

ANSWER:  I’ve been asking my Spirit Guide “what are the soul level reasons why?” for over 40 years  and I’ve never once been told or otherwise discovered that a decision was made in the life-between-lives space or in the pre-birth planning session without the consent of the entity or entities involved. So while it’s possible there is pre-birth planning session information to discover that is connected with your depression in this lifetime, it is very difficult for me to believe or otherwise accept that it has anything to do with decisions made without your knowledge or consent. That just feels patently wrong, in my honest opinion, and makes you into a victim rather than empowering you with the true “why” of it all and giving you a sense of how to put your best foot forward for a more satisfying and fulfilling life in the future.

More Accurate In-Person or by Phone?

blue stylized telephone-iconIs a reading more accurate in-person than over the phone?

ANSWER: For me it’s just as good or better to be on the phone or Skype because I am not distracted by any visual cues from my client or other visual distractions. I feel it enhances what’s been described as my “laser-like focus”. ALL of the readings I did for the book Your Soul’s Plan were done over the phone – with the exception of the reading with Penelope, the girl who was born deaf. That reading required us to use an internet instant messenger program so we could communicate by typing to each other.

Free Will or Destiny?

navel-chakraIn the session with you I have learned that whatever happens in the future it is always for the growth of the soul, that we cannot change the event but we can change our perception and see the purpose and the hidden beauty in it; our Free Will makes all the difference so we should always be in harmony with our inner truth and have love in our heart. Is there no Destiny, only Free Will choices?    — H.S.Wong, France

ANSWER: There actually are some things that are pre-planned to the point of being inevitable – what one might call Destiny or Fate – but not everything. Not everything is planned to that finite a degree. When we get to a point in our life where our soul planned a karmic decision point (one of those “either-or” or “fork in the road” situations), what the personality decides in that moment determines which of the predetermined paths we will follow. That is where Free Will determines the future.