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Pre-Birth Planning Readings:
 Your words are uplifting and satisfy the soul like nothing else I’ve encountered. It was an enlightening experience for me. I feel blessed! Thank you! and Bless YOU! 🙂       — Cindy Sampson, New York

 “My whole emotional response/reaction to life’s experiences has changed ever since we had the Initial and Follow-up Pre-Birth Readings meaning that I’m not getting as emotionally involved (i.e. fear, uncertainty, doubt) as I used to.  Your work with me has literally been transformative.”   —Harry G., Pennsylvania

“Thank you from my heart for your amazing 2 hour reading, it was a profound experience. You are amazing… over the phone you came across more to me like an angel than a human being… so gentle and so significant.”    –Leonorah B, Dubai

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the amazing help you gave me with my reading last week. I’ve been agonizing about what to do with my marriage for ages – whether I’m “supposed” to stay in it or leave to further my spiritual growth. Now I have my answer, so will be better able to manage the ups and downs without feeling stuck. So, thank you, and please thank your spirit guide for me, too!” –J.K., Virginia

 “I am feeling such deep and loving gratitude for the awakening I am experiencing. Within a few days of my reading, my whole consciousness shifted to one of love and gratitude. The physical and emotional pain which I had experienced for over 6 weeks immediately dissipated. … I continue to release old behavior patterns and beliefs that no longer resonate with me. I continue to listen to the audio recording from your reading, each time processing more on deeper levels.”   — Irene Douglas, Ontario, Canada

“I want to say thank you again for the reading. I have listened to it a second time and picked up so much more than what I heard during the reading. I also wanted to tell you I appreciate how much you pack into that time and compliment you on your stamina! You gave me a solid two hours non stop. I am now feeling a wonderful calm. It’s very subtle but I can feel something has shifted. A stress has been lifted somehow by acquiring the knowledge you gave me. I will be scheduling a general reading soon.”  –N.P., New Mexico  

You did the reading for me 7 months ago and wow you were you right on target. If I hadn’t spoken to you I would have been blown away by everything going on now.” –L.W., Georgia

“It has been more than a month since we talked and I’ve listened to (the recording of) our conversation several times. The knowledge of my soul’s karmic lessons (That I ask for) has brought me much peace. I now look back, not with judgment but with a clear understanding of the meaning of events. I have great compassion and gratitude for all who have participated with me. I better understand the path I’ve taken in order to “learn”. I am profoundly grateful for your gift.”  –Linda Schlachter, Ohio

“I have some really really solid direction to working towards balance, compassion and just plain calm. THANK YOU SO MUCH STACI!!!!!”  –Amy S., California

“I am coming from a different place now as a result of the reading. I’m no longer coming from the place within myself where I was when I grew up. I no longer carry the (toxic) voice of my mother around in my body and I do not feel her in my awareness any longer.”  — J. C., Hawaii

“Everything suddenly makes sense and I now understand. I will be digesting our session for weeks, I’m sure. I very much appreciate your sharing your abilities with me….you are very gifted.”  — Diane Willis, Facilitator, Chicago IANDS. www.chicagoiands.org

“You provide a valuable service that I think can make such a difference to the lives of many. Thank you for providing this opportunity to all those Souls who so yearn to learn and evolve. We are most appreciative and grateful for the service you provide.”  — Michael-John Devine, Australia

“Our time together today has had a deeply profound impact on me. I still feel connected and I think it is to Spirit through you. And I never want that to end. Thank you doesn’t come close to being able to express how I feel about our session. With deep gratitude and love,”
— Jim Brown, MBA, Speaker, coach, author: “A Rose Garden: Living in Concert with Spirit”

General Readings:

“I have been feeling such comfort and peace since the reading 8 months ago. This crazy life is all making sense now.”   –M.G., Connecticut

“Thank you so much, you are a lifesaver. I  used  your affirmation. I slept (all the way through) last night, till 6! ” — Terri S., Pennsylvania 

I had to remind myself you don’t know me because it felt like you did.”  Catherine H., North Carolina

“An eye opening, life-changing experience for me. You blew me away because of your clarity, wisdom – so nonjudgmental. You are so good that I extended the reading time on the spot. You have REALLY special talents. Many thanks for your professional, thorough and accurate reading. I am forever grateful. You’re amazing.” –Becky, Seattle

“My daughter slept until 3 pm after talking with you at 5 am.  Her nerves just relaxed after such long time strain.  — M.Y., China

“I was so struck by the way you gave an accurate description of all three boys  and hubby. Just amazing  you’re so gifted.” — Kathy A., Melbourne, Australia

“How someone picks up on the true essence of a relationship from so far is beyond me! You were so accurate!”  — Julie S., Pennsylvania

“Staci helped me immensely and gave me a road-map to hope and a fuller life. I know that if I have questions or concerns about my chosen path she’ll be right there. I feel supported and validated and I feel hopeful. I have a lot of work ahead of me but at least I can see the path now instead of confusion. Thanks Staci … your insights, honesty, and compassion were very appreciated. You have a rare gift and I’m honored you shared that gift with me.”  — Celebrian Galathil, Ireland

“She was right on when I would get my new job. She also did a past life reading that had a lot of resonance for me…”  — Jenny W.

“I feel like I’ve been at an all day seminar!  I have a lot of things to think about and to process. “   — Margaret S., Wisconsin

“It gave me so much inner peace and it is the most incredible experience to finally have (an end to) the turmoil that has been going on inside my head for so many years. I had been thinking that I was not in service to anyone, as I sat home working on my Ph.D.. (The reading) allowed me to realize…I AM on my right path!”   — C. H., North Carolina

“You brought me much more clarity than I had.” –Isabel Fauth, Germany

“You are the best psychic I have ever spoken to. I had a reading about a month ago. Thank you for your help.”    — Leslie A., Montana 

“You truly are gifted….it felt like you had “video taped” my life (inner and outer) and I know that information comes from God/Source! God does answer prayers…I asked for guidance and from the book…I found you!”  – Catherine, North Carolina

“She has shared things with me about my life that no one ever could have. She has given me tremendous insight to my purpose here on earth and the direction I need to take with my life. And I talked to her right at a time in my life when I’m getting ready to make major decisions and changes. She is truly a gift to me and hopefully she will be for you too. Thank you so much, Rev. Staci.”     — K. Bailey

Medical Intuitive Readings:

image of sunflower“When you did my body scan you saw things you had not seen before. A sack with stones on the bottom of my liver (I had gallbladder removed in past), and a shadow on my kidney.  I ran across a YouTube video from a Urologist speaking about Interstitial Cystitis.  He always rules out the parasite Schistosomiasis before he diagnoses with IC.  I Googled it and it all fit.  I went cave tubing in Belize 6.5 years ago...fell ill 2 months later…to never return to health. My doctor then tested me for Schistsomasis (aka Bilhazia or Snail Worms) and I tested POSITIVE!!   These snail worms reek havoc on the Immune system which explains high Epstein Barr, Mycoplasma Pnu, HHV-6 and other viral fun.   Schistosomasis create bladder, kidney, bowel, and liver issues as well.   I have been very very sick for 6.5 years. I took the medicine last night and now, because you saw the parasite and its work, I know I will finally be getting better. I wanted to tell you what was going on in case you come across the same visual with another client.”

“I already feel more at ease having a new path to travel down during these challenges. I will keep you posted on the traditional “docs” response to my symptoms and if their testing turns anything up. Thank you again for your patience with me and for giving me peace in this situation that I have not had (before now).”  – K.L., New York

I ended up getting a biopsy on my left breast a few weeks ago, and like Spirit said it would be, it was negative. Thank you again for my last reading, it was SO helpful and peace-giving!”  – M.H., Minnesota   

“I always know that when I don’t know where to go, what to do – I know I can come to you.” – Diana T., NY

“If it wasn’t for the reading you did for my son several months ago I would have never sent him to a neurologist and found his Chiari Malformation problem. I was shocked by how accurate your reading was even months before he was diagnosed with this Chiari condition. I’m heart-broken, but in the meanwhile also TRULY grateful for your help in revealing this medical condition to us. Otherwise, my son would have missed this window of opportunity for healing. We thank you so much with all our hearts!!” – M.P., Utah

“Staci gave me one of the BEST in-depth readings that I have EVER had done in my life. She explained many of the various emotional issues that led me to having the specific problems I am experiencing NOW. Staci helped me to understand MANY of the underlying root causes of my specific medical problems and she also helped me zero in on HOW I can begin to SOLVE these problems as well. Staci gave me some of the BEST explanations dealing with the mind, body, spirit and soul and how they are “supposed” to work together that I have EVER had. I now feel that I CAN emotionally turn the corner and actually SOLVE my problems because I have a better understanding as to HOW to deal with them. Contacting Staci was one of the BEST decisions I have made in my entire life!”       — Lena L., Illinois 

Transformational Energy Work

Transformational Energy creates CHANGE!“The constant dull backache isn’t there anymore. It’s a sunny day out today and I took a walk. I don’t feel as sleepy as before, my airway seems cleared up, my head has more oxygen. Thank you thank you thank you!”  —  B.Z., Washington

“The depression lifted! For the first time in 8 months I felt lighter. It began happening during the Energy Work and I felt it continue after the session was over. This was 2 weeks ago and the depression has not returned since. I am happy now, and so much anxiety is gone. Thank you!”   — Amy S., California



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