Is Bariatric Surgery a Cheat?

Food Issues and the Karmic Lesson of Over-ImpulsivityWhen people come in with that really tough life challenge of over-indulgence and over-impulsivity and have a food addiction and have struggled with no success their whole life – is it a “cheat” or a “failure” to do a gastric bypass to eliminate the weight that causes the person health problems?  Like in my situation, I do sooooo much spiritual work, exercise, 12-step rehab program, every diet known to man and have focused-on self-growth. Does that gastric bypass interfere with the lesson?  Or is it  a “gift of unconditional compassion/love” one gives to themself as self-acceptance and love?

ANSWER:  Bariatric surgery, whether it’s by balloon, staple or one of the bypass types, is a good tool but it doesn’t do it for you. There’s no doubt it can be a life changing procedure and for some people it’s a very effective tool.  Other people will still find a way to cheat and give in to temptation, and eat more than is recommended often and long enough to effectively stretch what remains of their stomach. Others seem to drop the first 50 pounds quickly and easily but the last 50 pounds never leaves. So the truth of the matter is that while bariatric surgery can induce significant metabolic changes, you still have to do all the personal work on a physical and emotional level. All the work it takes to stick to what can be a highly restrictive diet over a long period of time, plus commitment to more and/or regular exercise. And all the work it takes at the internal level emotionally. So I don’t see bariatric surgery as a cheat any more than taking supplements like chromium, cinnamon, green tea, saffron or the prescription drug Metformin. These things can be effective tools but you are still the tool operator and it’s up to you how well you make use of the tool.