How do I contact my Spirit Guides?

What advice do you have in making contact with my guides? After three divorces I’m having a hard time convincing my heart to look again.

ANSWER:     In my experience our spirit guides give us plenty of time to figure things out for ourselves, make our own mistakes so that we can learn from them and so forth. What I hear from my Spirit Guide is that you are learning to trust yourself and that is why your spirit guide has been less than forthcoming with you.

     Sitting very still, centering yourself, surrounding and infusing yourself with White Light are always good and practical first steps. After you have reached the quiet space inside of yourself and you remain there for a few moments to a few minutes, you might want to quietly or silently repeat the mantra “I strengthen my connection to my indwelling spirit, my Spirit Guides and the All That Is.” Do this only after you have already filled and surrounded yourself in the White Light to make sure the only spirits able to interact with you are those who love you, mean you well and are there for your highest good.

     Do this every day at the same time, usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night is best, both is better, and you will be clearing and strengthening the connection to your inner essence as well as to your spirit guides over time. The Karmic Lesson of Spiritual Growth is through learning to enrich and strengthen our relationship with our indwelling essence and then, through that connection, to the Divine. Patience is required. Don’t hold any expectation as to the amount of time it should take to have your spirit guides communicate with you and they won’t have to teach you not to have such expectations. 

     Some people have trouble quieting their minds and that’s when it can be a good time to seek a session with me or another professional intuitive or a skilled and certified spiritual hypnotherapist.