Do Spirit Guides lead us on?

© Stylephotographs | - Meditating PhotoI have been psychic since the age of 10. I have always been ‘given’ specific information for myself, such as where I will live, a chronic disease I would develop. I can see without a shadow of doubt that my life has been planned. Anything I have ever been shown actually turns up in my life.The ‘situation’ I am worrying about is one that has only partially come to pass but which has not yet come close to fulfilling all that I have been intuitively given about it. I have had contact with this person in writing and by phone (on a professional basis). I was ‘given’ the person’s name years before, I was then ‘shown’ the person, I had a ‘knowing’ this person would come into my life on a personal basis, and many out-of-the-blue visions which confirm this. My question is would my guides repeatedly give me this information if it wasn’t going to happen (even though) all I would learn from that would be to never trust them again? Do spirit guides play with us? Do they confirm a situation time and again for it not to show up in order that we learn something from it? I would still like to trust what my guides are saying – at the moment I am not sure.

ANSWER: I really don’t have an authoritative answer for you, as in “Yes you can trust your Spirit Guides” or “No, you cannot”, as I might if you were asking me this during a reading. I’m speaking to you simply as one very intuitive person to another very intuitive person. My sense of your situation is that there are ups and downs in the other person’s life that have happened and are still ongoing for a while longer (1 – 2 years perhaps?) I get the feeling it’s more about the other person’s life having upheaval and thus upsetting or changing the timeline as it originally appeared to your spirit guides to one that could not have been foreseen or predicted (perhaps the result of an unexpected free-will decision).

If we are supposed to know someone with whom we agreed in our pre-birth planning to share our life with in some truly significant way, and if you continue to work on being the best you that you can be, you will automatically be in alignment to meet up with that person at some point in the future. It’s happened twice in my life (my husband and my best friend), it’s happened in the lives of a few other people I know and it seems as though it will be happening to you too.