Do Souls Plan How Their Parents Will Treat Them?

I recently finished reading Robert Schwartz’ book on pre-birth planning. One thing it says in the book is that souls plan/discuss things in their pre-birth planning sessions that go beyond particular challenges. Do souls plan their up-bringing, what it will be like etc? (I know we choose our parents.) I want to know this because I suffer from cronic anxiety and worry about  the way in which children are treated by their parents when growing up. I am aware that my anxiety is something that was also pre-planned and yet I wonder why I might have chosen this particular thing to worry about, along with some other things.

ANSWER:  We make soul level agreements with other souls to play the roles of father, mother and so on. Many times we do this because we know what they are working on will provide us with the kind of experience that would redirect us back to ourselves as source of emotional health, well-being and truth. The more times a soul has planned a life experience whereby it might learn something about itself and become more balanced and authentically expressed but does not accomplish the learning intended, the more likely the soul will then plan a harsh and more difficult life experience with more unhappiness and suffering in hopes that the personality would then be more strongly motivated and more likely to learn the lesson(s) inherent in the experience, thus making the breakthrough and shift in consciousness it desires.

One of the reasons we put ourselves through the Human Evolutionary Path is to learn to let go of fear and learn to love unconditionally. That you have a challenge with anxiety means there is fear that you are hanging on to and your soul is calling it to your conscious attention so you can deal with it – learn from it, dissolve it, thus bring balance to your soul.

It is wonderful to work with children and to do something for them on their behalf when they can’t yet do it for themselves. If that is what you feel called to do then by all means do it. If instead your anxiety about the treatment and well-being of children is going nowhere and you are not acting on it in any way, then it’s time to take a magnifying lens to that aspect of yourself and find out why it exists. A Pre-Birth Planning Reading would give us the opportunity to explore this together.