Did I Plan to Live in Constant Fear and Distrust of Authority?

Woman in FEARI’ve been studying the Enneagram for about a year now, and I’m wondering if it is taken into consideration in pre-birth planning.  I am a Six, which means that I learned at a very early age to distrust authority and live in constant fear.  I’ve done this all my life.  I’m just wondering if I planned it that way, and that maybe I need to work on this more than I have been.

ANSWER:  In all the hours I have spent listening in on pre-birth planning session conversations I have never heard the word Enneagram mentioned. What I have heard discussed so very many times are Karmic Lessons, which was a real confidence builder after spending many years already learning about them from my Spirit Guide. The book I am writing at this time is the book about these Karmic Lessons.

In the human form we often learn best through contrasting experiences (experiences that seem the opposite of what we want) and pain. Distrusting authority and living in constant fear could be one of the possible experiences your soul was aware of while planning your life, and for a reason. The bottom line reason is to bring your focus back to yourself to learn to become the source of your emotional health and well-being, learning what your truth is, and learning to live your life according to what is true for you. In this way you enter into a deeper and more connected relationship with your indwelling essence or spirit through the emotions and the relationship with Self.

 What concerns me however is your description of living in constant fear. This is not the highest form of experience we aspire to. This seems to indicate that you are stuck, stuck somewhere in your past experiences and never realizing that in spite of everything you bounced back and are ok, never realizing the Universe supported you even though it was rough at times. I often see this associated with one or two karmic lessons in particular (The Karmic Lesson of Emotional Independence and the Karmic Lesson of Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Confidence/Self-Expression).

My colleague Richard Sutphen says the purpose of life is to learn to let go of fear and love unconditionally – and I think he’s right. Learning to see yourself and the people in your life from a big picture perspective can be very helpful in becoming disengaged from all the shoulda-woulda-couldas/drama-chaos-crisis. The Pre-Birth Planning Reading is an excellent way to quickly gain this big picture perspective and quickly start the inner shift towards a higher perspective of yourself, your life and everyone in it.