Am I feeling this way because of December 21, 2012?

anxious manEmotionally I’m at the moment very anxious, nervous, like a lion in a cage. Does it have something to do with Dec. 21st? I was born in Stockholm on March _, 19__.

ANSWER:  I do not sense that what you are going through is particularly relevant to December 21st, although many people who are not strongly grounded and centered within themselves can be affected by the energy and feel ungrounded, moody, conflicted, and lost. What I perceive is that this is the time when your soul planned a personal transformation process, possibly brought about by a surprise or a shock in your life, and perhaps the sense that things are not turning out the way you expected. What is important now  are your daily spiritual practices to keep yourself grounded and centered, and by centered I mean emotionally centered and balanced.  I invite you to consider a General Reading with me, which would allow us the time to discuss this further. If you decide to proceed with a reading, I would like to teach you a very quick and simple 5 step meditation called “Mind Like Calm Water” to help you develop the ability to connect with your emotional balance and centeredness quickly, easily and effectively.